Organic Tea Detox & Digestion


Organic Tea Detox & Digestion

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Digestion helped by a tea with rebalancing virtues*. 

A reinforced metabolism for all excretory organs (liver, kidneys, intestines)* thanks to plants with digestive and detoxifying action such as star anise and fennel. Cleanse your liver and rebalance your intestinal flora by drinking one to two cups of Detox & Digestion tea during your day. Bulk tea 100 g. Better to be consumed before 5pm.

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Detox & Digestion Tea

  • Green tea, Cinnamon, Basil, Fennel
  • 100% natural blend
  • Organic ingredients 
  • No added flavor, basil licorice natural flavor

Ingredients: China Sencha green tea leaves* (51%), cinnamon sticks*, basil leaves* (11%), anise fruits* (10%), fennel fruits* (7%), star anise fruits* (5%), natural flavouring. 

*Issued from organic farming and certified by ECOCERT France SAS FR-BIO-01. 

Preparation for infusion based on organic plants.

Nutritional values (per 100g): Energy 5 kJ/1 kcal – Fat <0.1 g (of which saturated fatty acids <0.1 g) – Carbohydrates <0.1 g (of which sugars <0.1 g) – Protein 0.1 g – Salt <0.01 g – Green tea leaves 51 g – Anise fruits 10 g.



2 daily infusions of 2.5 grams of the blend


Water at 80°C and infusion time 2-3 min


Store in a cool, dry place away from light
Anis plante



Basil is believed to originate in central Africa and spread throughout Asia. However, it did not arrive in France until the 12th century. The term basil arrived in the French language in the year 1120, to designate a snake that can kill with a single glance (fans of Harry Potter know it well). The origin of the word comes from the Greek basilikos which means “little king”. Basil also has other names such as “royal grass”. 

Star anise 

Star anise comes from China. The star anise is in fact the fruit of the tree, a star of 5 to 10 branches. It is harvested green and then turns brown after drying. It is a plant widely used in herbal medicine for its many medicinal properties. Its fruits can be used directly as an infusion to aid digestion. 


Fennel is a large aromatic plant, native to the Mediterranean basin. Originally used in medicine by the Greeks, the use of fennel was spread in Europe by the Romans. Wild fennel can be recognized by its filiform foliage and its strong aniseed smell. The seeds of fennel are used in medicine and their properties are multiple: *they contribute to normal urinary elimination functions.

Fennel promotes the excretory function of the kidneys and detoxification systems, urinary elimination and renal elimination functions.


Originally used in the Mediterranean and South America, it is now cultivated all over the world. Anise blooms in summer, producing small yellow flowers with a sweet fragrance. Its fruit has a taste close to the fennel taste. The Romans used anise to eat dessert at the end of a heavy meal.


Contains basil, which is not recommended for children.


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