Organic Infusion Detox & Elimination


Organic Infusion Detox & Elimination

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Eliminate and drain for your well-being*.

Fennel and turmeric combine their effects in this Detox & Elimination infusion to help your body eliminate toxins. A 100% natural detox that reinforces the functions of elimination and drainage. A detox is recommended at each change of season to soothe digestive disorders, eliminate toxins and facilitate digestion. The Detox & Elimination infusion helps to cleanse your body. Bulk tea 100 g. Better to be consumed before 5pm.

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Detox & Elimination Infusion

  • Green tea, fennel, turmeric, cloves, cardamom
  • 100% natural blend
  • Organic ingredients
  • No added flavor

Ingredients: China Sencha green tea leaves* (40%), ginger roots*, cinnamon sticks*, aniseed fruits* (7%), fennel fruits* (7%), turmeric roots* (4%), matcha green tea leaves* (5%), cardamom fruits*, cloves*, ground cardamom fruits*.

*Issued from organic farming and certified by ECOCERT France SAS FR-BIO-01.

Preparation for infusion based on organic plants.

Nutritional values (per 100g): Energy 5kJ-1kcal – Fat <0.1 g (of which saturated fatty acids <0.1 g) – Carbohydrates <0.1 g (of which sugars <0.1 g) – Protein 0.2 g – Salt <0.01 g – Green tea leaves 40 g – Fennel fruits 7 g.



3 daily infusions of 2.5 grams of the blend


Water at 80°C and infusion time 2-3 min


Store in a cool, dry place away from light
the vert


Green Tea

Green tea comes from the Middle East, where it has been used for thousands of years, both for its taste and its medicinal properties. It grows in the form of small shrubs producing fragrant white flowers. Green tea is known to stimulate and improve renal elimination of water* and drainage of the body by promoting the excretory function of the kidneys. Green tea is known to help you slim down as a supplement of a slimming diet. 


Turmeric has been used as a spice in cooking, but also as a medicinal plant for more than a thousand years. It is also an essential element of Ayurvedic medicine. Traditional Chinese, Thai and Indonesian medicines use it to stimulate digestion. Turmeric boosts normal urinary elimination functions. 


Fennel is a large aromatic plant from the Mediterranean basin. Originally used in medicine by the Greeks, the use of fennel was spread in Europe by the Romans. Wild fennel can be recognized by its filiform foliage and its strong aniseed smell. The seeds of fennel are used in medicine and their properties are multiple: they stimulate the urinary elimination function while promoting the excretory function of the kidneys and detoxification systems.


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