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The beginnings

The creation of Fitalety began with Hélène Bourges, Doctor of Pharmacy. 

Hélène began her career by working as a substitute pharmacist in dispensary pharmacies in several regions of France.

Her husband, also a Doctor of Pharmacy, created his consulting company. With its team of Doctors and Engineers, they formulate products for the largest laboratories.

After the birth of her second child, the family decided to move to Brittany, to be closer to nature and to the ocean. Over the last 10 years, Hélène has developed and managed a pharmacy in Brittany. 

However, an extremely serious health problem forced her to sell her pharmacy. After her convalescence, she decided to find a better balance between her work and her family life. An active life, but in harmony with her goals and convictions. 

Her convictions are to be found in nature, between land and sea, in natural and simple everyday products.

She believes that taking care of your body and mind is essential for your well-being. That means using natural products and food supplements, which have a huge potential to improve people’s health and well-being. 

She has therefore developed, for her and for you, a range of health and well-being nutrition products. The coffee and tea are optimized with effective ingredients of natural origin, simple and practical for daily use. You can choose your favourite products depending on your objectives; detox, tonus, fitness or relaxation. 

With the help of her relatives, Hélène has launched the creation of Fitalety®, a range of teas, infusions and active coffees. Their benefits are already recognized by many users!

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Natural ingredients

We looked for natural ingredients known for their remarkable powers and properties and then carefully selected and dosed them to extract their benefits and aromas. We added these active ingredients to our coffees and teas in order to create the best beverages for you.

An innovative range

We have created this innovative range of teas, infusions and coffees for your well-being, serenity and natural health. This includes:

– Ingredients of natural origin and exclusive supply that guarantee the best quality such as Satiereal ® saffron extract.

– Formulas with clinically tested benefits. 

– Pleasant and easy to use products, adapted to our current lifestyle. This is one of the major innovations of Fitalety®, a Nespresso® and Senseo® * compatible coffee capsule. It is the perfect combination of excellent coffee, tea and authentic infusion with natural active ingredients that provide benefits and effectiveness.

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A program adapted to your needs

We have prepared a program for you, adapted to your objectives. All you have to do is replace your usual coffee or tea break (at breakfast, after lunch, or for a snack) with our active teas and coffees, twice a day, according to our recommendations. 

After only a few days, the benefits are felt and the effects are significant. If you choose to follow a 3-week program, you will experience a lasting influence on your metabolism and your habits, for long-lasting effects.

Why choose Fitalety?

Why choose Fitalety instead of your usual coffee or tea? If you are still hesitating, one of these arguments will be enough to convince you. Here are 6 good reasons to choose Fitalety:

1. An innovation in the world of coffee. We have created the first effective slimming coffee, Fit Espresso, enriched with active ingredients of natural origin, such as chilli pepper or Satiereal saffron.

2. A 100% Arabica coffee in Nespresso® and Senseo® * compatible capsules, made in France and aluminium-free. Easy to use for an everyday product, whether coffee, tea or infusion. No constraints, no need to take tablets.

3. An authentic flavour preserved from our coffees (100% Arabica) and our infusions (100% natural). Aromatic, balanced, fine and naturally flavoured drinks. Our infusions, teas and coffees are without added flavor, no chemical color substitutes, no additives.

4. Proven effectiveness: the active ingredients are patented and of natural origin. We have selected the best active ingredients that nature has to offer, for your health and well-being.

5. A positive impact on your well-being. In the end, whatever your objectives are (relaxation, mood, detox, elimination or even stopping snacking), Fitalety takes care of you at each break.

6. Zero waste infusions and teas: to reduce our waste, we are committed to a more environmentally friendly approach.

7. Winners of the Innovation Trophy (awarded by the Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne in February 2019) and of the 1st Prize for Innovation in the Food Industry (awarded during the Gama Innovation international trade fair in Manchester in October 2018).

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