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The innovation: Get rid of classical coffee…Enjoy active coffee

FITALETY®, THE Innovation in health and nutrition, is a range of innovative active coffees with unique properties resulting from pharmaceutical research and that allow you to lose weight, to strengthen your energy , and to bear a good mood.




* Pods are compatible with NESPRESSO® machines. NESPRESSO®  is a trademark belonging to a third party unrelated to FITALETY® 

Natural origin ingredients with demonstrated benefits


Originally from the Middle East, Safran has been used for more than 4000 years for its unique properties. It takes 200,000 flowers to obtain one kilo of its precious stigmas from which we extract the active molecules: safranal, crocine, picrocrocine. This is the specificity of the exclusive patented ingredient SATIEREAL® saffron extract


Researchers have recently identified in Raspberry some original molecules, called ketones, used successfully for health and particularly in the United States.


Because all peppers do not have the same virtues, we have selected CAPSIMAX® extracted from capsicum annuum, whose richness in Capsicine has a proven burner effect.

Détails des études cliniques, témoignages... >

Détails des études cliniques... >

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